Is your club, team or chapter trying to raise money for a charity or UDance? Then take a look at getting a group loyalty card with Central Perk!


What is a loyalty card?
A loyalty card is something your group can sign up for by inputing the information below. When you sign up for a card, be sure to include your club/team/chapters name.

What does a loyalty card do?
Anytime someone uses the card (it can be someone from the group OR outside), 10% of their purchase will go to a cause of their choice. It can be for UDance, a chapter’s philanthropy, or anything in between.

How does someone use the card?
Once signed up, one member of the organization will receive a physical copy of the card. Once your receive the card, you can take a picture of the card and send it to the entire group to use. When someone comes and places an order, they should ask for their phone with the picture of the card to be scanned.

Can anyone use a specific card?
Yes! If, for example, the Dodgeball club signed up for a card, anybody can use the picture of their card to get 10% for dodgeball. So if I don’t play dodgeball but use their card, that 10% still goes to their fundraising. So that means if you get a card, you should share it with EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

When does an organization receive the money raised?
It can be at anytime! Generally, we will give you a check at the end of each month. However, if you wish to start raising money for UDance now, we can hold the money and directly deposit the money into our UDance account.

What if I still have questions?
That’s OK! Email our marketing director Brett Snyder at BSNYDER1214@GMAIL.COM